Jeffrey Cohen, partner and Chair of the Bankruptcy & Restructuring Department, is interviewed in Petition, a newsletter that provides curated distressed investing and restructuring/bankruptcy news and analysis. Cohen discusses the role of Unsecured Creditors’ Committees and why he enjoys representing them: “Most cases start with the deck substantially stacked against unsecured creditors, generally, and the UCC, specifically. … I am intimidated by nobody and will back down from no situation. I’m about getting dollars in creditors’ pockets. Along with my team, we’ll roll up our sleeves and surgically dismantle most well devised plans when given the chance.”

Cohen also addresses trends like prepackaged bankruptcy cases and manufactured venues, shares stories about some of the brand-name clients he has worked with, and expresses admiration for the “speed and growth of the technology we used to run our cases and represent our clients [during COVID-19, as well as] how quickly all case parties came together to work collaboratively to try to figure out a solution. … To the credit of our industry, we saw a lot of collaboration to get parties to the best result possible.”