James C. Shehan is quoted in CenterForBiosimilars.com, BioPharma Dive, and Modern Healthcare discussing what the biosimilars industry will look like once FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD steps down this April. Shehan notes that Gottlieb represented “a quantum leap in terms of activism” and “has gotten far and away the highest job marks of any commissioner we’ve seen, particularly when you consider that he has gotten respect across the board, which is unusual”, further noting the change in approach to the biosimilars market Gottlieb has taken during his tenure at the FDA resulting in a more competitive drug market. Shehan observes that Gottlieb’s legacy will encourage his successors to “be more communicative with the public and more willing to take a role in some of the great public health controversies”, he further provides that the industry’s concern is rooted in the  uncertainty of who the next commissioner will be and if he or she will be able to keep this positive action going.