In the New Jersey Law Journal article, “Lowenstein Ups Pay for New Jersey Associates, Closing Gap With New York,” Chair and Managing Partner Gary M. Wingens discusses how firm associates on both sides of the Hudson River will now earn the same. “We believe compensation should be [based on] what you do, not where you work,” he says. Lowenstein stands out among leading firms in the New York market because it has two major offices within miles of each other in that market: one in the heart of midtown and the other in a wooded, park-like setting in suburban New Jersey. Many attorneys, including Wingens, spend time in both offices. “One of our competitive distinctions is that you can be in the city or the suburbs,” he says. “If you want Rockefeller Center, you can do that. If you want Roseland, you can do that.” This advantage has succeeded in attracting lawyers at both the beginning and apex of their careers, including what the firm calls “boomerangs”: those who left the firm for other opportunities and then returned. “We are competing with national firms on a national scale,” Wingens says. “We need the talent for our practice to be able to compete with the best firms in the world.” A brief write-up of this development also appears in and The American Lawyer(subscription required to access articles)