In Foreign Investment Watch, Doreen M. Edelman, Chair of the firm’s Global Trade & Policy group, and Christian C. Contardo discuss a recent report by the Defense Critical Supply Chain Task Force and its recommendations for building U.S. supply chain resilience, including the possibility of requiring companies to disclose foreign capital they receive from adversaries. Edelman says, “I am advising companies, not just technology and defense providers, to focus on their supply chain.” Regarding the possibility of creating an inclusionary process that exempts “trusted partners” from CFIUS requirements, Edelman predicts “a formal or informal loosening of the requirements for trusted partners,” despite the fact that these relationships are always subject to “a fact specific transaction review.” Contardo observes that these recommendations “are in addition to voluntary incentive-based supply-chain security programs such as the Department of Defense Trusted Capital program, [which] matches vetted capital providers to U.S. businesses working with the DoD in key technology sectors as a way for the businesses to raise necessary funding to grow without risking investment from countries of concern to the DoD.”