In Bankrate, Ed Zimmerman and Meredith Beuchaw of Lowenstein Sandler’s Tech Group discuss 2020’s booming tech IPO market and SPAC trend. Contrasting the current IPO market with the over-hyped bubble, Adjunct Professor of Venture Capital at Columbia Business School and Lowenstein Sandler’s Tech Group Chair Zimmerman says: “The companies that we’re seeing going public in the tech world today are performing,” adding that SPACs may be more risky. “SPACs – what happens if they clock out before they can roll out a company? They may close deals, but they may catch falling knives to complete their mandate.”

Both lawyers anticipate an impact from the upcoming election. Zimmerman advises growth equity investors, VCs and management teams that are poised to IPO “to think carefully about the timeframe for their investments and how they might deal with fallout from November.” Beuchaw observes: “Companies are prepping for potential disruptions, even if they don’t come to pass….If capital dries up, that could lead companies to take an alternative path to get into the public markets…– IPOs, SPACs.” She says, “They’re dual-tracking an entry into public markets, perhaps through a merger or acquisition.”