Gary M. Wingensstatement to Lowenstein Sandler employees regarding the killing of George Floyd was cited in Bloomberg Law and The American Lawyer articles surveying how law firms are reacting to issues of racial inequity raised by Floyd’s death. Bloomberg Law notes that the statement lists concrete ways employees can support each other, such as donations to organizations dedicated to social justice and an increased commitment to pro bono work. Wingens states, “It’s important not to just throw a statement out there but important to talk about what we can do and give people an outlet.” He adds that the statement’s primary goal “was to let our people know and, particularly our people of color know, that they’re not alone in this and that we get that this is a really challenging time.”

The American Lawyer includes Wingens’ encouragement to Lowenstein employees to check in with each other, listen, and speak out. “It is incumbent on each of us to speak out when we witness unfair attacks against anyone else. In the workplace, whether we are in the office or working remotely, the first place to start is by really listening to each other and embracing more tightly the principles of inclusion and equity that are hallmarks of our law firm. Do not be afraid to have what may be considered uncomfortable conversations. Check in with colleagues to see how they are doing. No one should feel that they need to make believe that ‘everything is okay.’ Having these conversations is part of the healing process and brings us closer as a firm.” (subscription required to access The American Lawyer)