Foreign Investment Watch interviews Doreen M. Edelman, partner and Chair of the firm’s Global Trade & Policy group and number one on the company’s Top Advisors 2021 list, about President Joe Biden’s approach to China, the latest governmental trade appointments, a possible U.S. investigation into Chinese subsidies under Section 301 of the U.S. trade law, and other government actions that target China. “One example is Section 889 of the National Defense Authorization Act, which prohibits any U.S. government agency from buying or doing business with any company that uses telecom equipment that uses components from one of the targeted Chinese companies,” Edelman says. “These are broad provisions with the focus being to ostracize China.” She adds, “I don’t think either side wants … [a trade war] because of the market implications, and Biden has pledged to be more multilateral in his approach. Let’s hope that the ongoing bilateral discussions are substantive, and the new appointees can get engaged quickly.”

Edelman continues: “U.S. business and consumers were, and are, the victims of the Section 301 tariffs. No one thought they would last this long. More tariffs would not be prudent. … The silver lining I see is that trade regulations and tariffs are now issues that senior management can take advantage of to optimize their business if they really understand their options. It is critical to every company’s growth strategy.”