Elie Honig appeared on MSNBC to discuss comments made by President Trump’s lawyer that may signal a new defense strategy for the President’s team. Honig notes the lawyer’s denial of collusion as a crime and states that, while collusion is not a crime, the denial is “wordplay” that signals a “sign of desperation and panic” on the part of the President’s team. He also speaks with Bloomberg and MSNBC regarding President Trump’s denial that he was aware of his son’s 2016 meeting with Russians who offered information about Hillary Clinton. Honig also appears on CNN to discuss the significance of a released audiotape of President Trump and one of his former lawyers. In an earlier CNN appearance, he discusses his experience as an organized crime prosecutor in the Southern District of New York (SDNY) and the parallels with the ongoing Mueller investigation. Honig notes that the President’s former lawyer appeared ready to cooperate with the SDNY, and he lays out the next steps that prosecutors are likely to take in the case. A third CNN broadcast features Honig commenting on a recent media interview given by the former Trump lawyer, who stated that his loyalty lies with his family. Honig explains how that statement signals that the lawyer may cooperate with authorities in the Mueller investigation.