Ed Zimmerman, Chair and co-founder of The Tech Group and Adjunct Professor of Venture Capital at Columbia Business School, teamed up with Marie T. DeFalco (Vice Chair of Lowenstein’s Investment Management Group) to represent Avid Ventures in its $68 million-plus debut. Zimmerman tells Business Wire that managing partner Addie Lerner is “a brilliant, hard-charging, and charismatic force within the venture community. She will win deals by force of intellect, personality, and the reputation for excellence and integrity that she has already developed here in the States, in the UK, and in Israel. Having been opposite Addie in my role as counsel to startups, I’ve been impressed to see, more than once, founders rapidly transition from meeting Addie to making room for her in oversubscribed venture rounds.”

In Pitchbook, Zimmerman says: "LPs back the person in a solo GP fund. … I'm excited to see how people react … [to Avid], and whether others say this strategy is different and I'd like to copy it, or at least pivot into it a little bit more.”

Zimmerman tells TechCrunch that Lerner has a reputation for being “extraordinarily thoughtful about deals” and that one entrepreneur called her “one of the smartest people she has met in a decade-plus in venture.” He adds: “I’ve seen it myself in deals and then I’ve seen founders turn down very well branded funds to work with Addie. … Addie will find and win and be invited into great deals because she makes an indelible impression on the people who’ve worked with her and the data is remarkably consistent.”