Ed Zimmerman, Chair and co-founder of The Tech Group, Adjunct Professor of Venture Capital at Columbia Business School, and a Founding Partner of First Close Partners LLC, speaks about The Diversity Dividend (#ElDividendodelaDiversidad) as part of a panel, “The Return on Investing in Diverse Fund Managers,” presented by Promoting Venture Capital in Peru (PECAP). The panel, including Susana Garcia-Robles of Capria/LAVCA, Anita Fiori of IDB Lab, Jose Fernandez of StepStone Group, and moderator Luis Narro of PECAP, addresses why it is important and lucrative to invest in underrepresented venture capital fund managers. “Diversity is not only an imperative from a human rights, civil rights, and justice perspective, … it is a financial imperative,” Zimmerman says. “There are unbelievable missed economic opportunities as a result of the myopia that comes from having only people who look the same, went to the same schools, and live in the same communities.” He encourages LPs to speak up by asking GPs to diversify their reference list in order to expose the flaws in their networks. Zimmerman notes that a lack of diversity in the VC world results in “massive costs and causes exclusion, discomfort, and inequity in the workplace.”