Ed Zimmerman comments to Nasdaq in an article on the booming stock market and VC-backed growth companies going public via IPO and SPAC. Ed, who chairs The Tech Group at Lowenstein Sandler and, for the last 16 years, has been an Adjunct Professor of Venture Capital at Columbia Business School notes: “One of the things we’re seeing is a lot of performance – companies are actually performing. … They weren’t necessarily performing in the 90’s and during the dot com crisis.”

On the popularity of SPACs as a means of going public, Zimmerman tells Nasdaq, “When you have people who have made lots of money who are doing [SPACs], that enhances the credibility. They’re not in a cordoned off section of the market.” Zimmerman also remarks that more mature companies are turning to SPACs rather than IPOs: “These are companies that could IPO and are choosing a different path – that’s a meaningful difference as compared to SPACs we saw five to six years ago.”