Ed Zimmerman, Chair and co-founder of The Tech Group and Adjunct Professor of Venture Capital at Columbia Business School, is interviewed by CEO/Founder Mazy Dar on the podcast Openfin MVP. Entitled “Our Whole Selves at Work with Ed Zimmerman,” Zimmerman discusses his career as a lawyer, investor, and co-founder of VentureCrush, as well as his social/political advocacy efforts. Topics include Zimmerman and Dar having had lunch with Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris years ago (before the duo hosted her for a fundraiser for her successful 2016 Senate bid), as well as discussing common legal mistakes founders make and the more than 100 angel investments Zimmerman has made. The conversation also focuses on efforts to improve #Diversity in tech and venture, with reference to company culture and initiatives in which Zimmerman has personally been involved, including his Wall Street Journal Accelerators columns in 2013 (asserting that #VentureCapital was too white, too male, and too homogenous) and 2014 (Zimmerman published one of the earliest pledges against #GenderBias in Tech, a pledge he still follows).