Doreen M. Edelman is quoted in Business Insider in an article discussing five key questions U.S. tech startups should ask before forming a relationship with a foreign investor. Edelman begins with assessing the company’s industry, noting that there may be regulations against foreign investments designed to prevent foreign governments from accessing technology or intellectual property that may be harmful to U.S. national security. Next, she poses the question of whether the startup’s technology could be used by the defense sector in the future. Should this occur, the U.S. government may force the foreign investor to divest from the company, opening the startup up to financial hardship. Edelman goes on to analyze the investor itself, explaining that startup founders need to pay attention to the location of the investor–i.e., whether they are based in a country that is a friend or foe to the U.S. and being mindful of the shifting geopolitical landscape. Her fourth question advises founders to consider the amount of information they would be required to share with the foreign investor, noting that allowing access to too much information may create issues for the company. Finally, Edelman proposes the topic of the startup’s board, affirming that giving up a board seat to a foreign investor may further complicate the process. She explains that founders who wish to give an investor a seat on the board will be required to go through the CIFIUS process even if they are not mandated to file.