Doreen M. Edelman is interviewed by Foreign Investment Watch, a publication focused on the intersection of national security and foreign investment, which recently named her one of its top ten advisors in 2020. Edelman discusses the reasons why a CFIUS review is critical for startups, private equity, and venture fund companies, and she looks at the new real estate provisions of FIRRMA, which cover “not just investment in a U.S. business with real estate but also leases, purchased land, and concessions.” She also addresses the Trusted Capital Program, a Department of Defense program that matches prescreened investors with companies working on technology or products of national security interest. Finally, Edelman looks at reporting obligations under the International Investment and Trade in Services Survey Act, which requires all U.S. businesses to file reports identifying foreign direct investment that results in a foreign entity owning or controlling 10 percent or more of a U.S. business.