Doreen M. Edelman comments in Business Insider on the risks for venture capital firms under the Trump administration’s increased scrutiny of foreign investment, as illustrated by the executive order banning TikTok in this country and ordering its parent ByteDance to undo a years-old merger that led to the app's expansion around the world. "I don't feel that enough of the venture companies and the [private equity] backed companies in tech and data understand that this ... could be a real issue," she says.

She explains the broad reach of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), which can not only review but also force changes to deals closed long ago. “There’s no time limit,” she says. There is also no requisite size for a company to come under CFIUS review. "There's no de minimis," Edelman continues. "There's no lower threshold." (subscription required to access article)