Christopher Porrino discusses the recent audit of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) and advises companies that received EDA grant incentives to ensure that they have complied with all requirements to prevent clawback claims. In an interview with ROI-NJ, Porrino provides insight into his time working closely with the EDA while New Jersey Attorney General, sharing his understanding of the EDA’s procedure and missteps that can happen along the way. He emphasizes that it is important to have someone who understands state government, the interplay between the AG’s office and the EDA, and the compliance requirements of grants, noting Paul B. Matey’s work with the Governor’s office. Porrino notes the priority of this audit for the EDA and the AG’s office, and stresses that companies should ensure that required thresholds are met and adjustments for disclosure are made prior to a visit from the AG’s office.