Catherine Weiss, partner and Chair of the Lowenstein Center for the Public Interest, speaks to WNYC about the anticipated wave of evictions once Governor Murphy’s eviction moratorium lifts. More than 15,000 filings were made in landlord-tenant court in New Jersey between April and June, according to public records. “That is the tip of a very large iceberg,” Weiss says. “There will be a very, very significant number of evictions if we do not find a way to get assistance.”

She notes that the courts must ensure that evictions comply with the federal CARES Act, which prohibits landlords from filing eviction actions until July 25 if they hold federally backed mortgages or rent to federally subsidized tenants; after that date, such landlords must provide tenants 30 days’ notice before filing for eviction. “Nothing in New Jersey has been done to enforce that,” says Weiss. “Nothing.”