Catherine Weiss speaks to and NJSpotlight on the imminent eviction crisis facing thousands of New Jersey tenants who are unable to pay their full rent during the COVID-19 pandemic. She outlines key points made in a letter sent by the Lowenstein Center for the Public Interest and a coalition of housing and racial justice advocates to the administrator of the New Jersey state court system that demands compliance with federal law in all eviction filings and constitutional due process in court-ordered mediation and settlement conferences in the midst of the pandemic. “If the pandemic, or this wave, is followed by waves of evictions and displaces thousands of low-income people, and it happens in a way that doesn’t serve due process, we’ll have done an incredible injustice to our neighbors,” Weiss says. “It’s important for courts to take a role in ensuring fairness, because otherwise, tenants have no shot.” She also warns that many tenants do not know their rights in this unprecedented situation. “Many, many tenants don’t know there’s a moratorium on being removed. They often don’t know that landlord-tenant trials are suspended. They don’t know these settlements they’re entering are voluntary. These things have to be said before the tenant agrees to anything.”