Bloomberg NewsYahoo! Finance, BNN Bloomberg, Financial Advisor Magazine, fin24MSN Money, The Baltimore Sun, and Daily Herald include comments by Ed Zimmerman, Chair of The Tech Group and professor of venture capital at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business, in the article “A Prenup Is the Latest Must-Have for Tech Startup Founders in Love.” “We have companies where the founder is the brand, and trust and credibility are core to the business,” says Zimmerman. ‘“If you are investing in a company because you think the founder is amazing,” news of that individual’s distracting divorce or custody battle can be alarming. Zimmerman further explains other personal difficulties which can impact a startup: “It would be great if we lived in a world where people who had marital problems didn’t manifest those problems by hitting on or dating people who worked at their company…. Those kinds of things tend to be more problematic than who gets the shares.”