Anne M. Milgram is profiled in MarketWatch where she describes her past experience as one of New Jersey’s only female Attorneys General and her current work applying data to fight crime. Part of a series called “Ceiling Smashers,” in which successful women discuss how they broke down professional barriers, the article looks at Anne’s experience as New Jersey’s second-youngest AG and only the third woman to hold the job. She recalls that “I was used to being the only woman in the room, which is a terrible thing to get used to. I don’t think any of us should accept that in today’s world.”

Anne describes her current mission “to make communities safe and create paths and opportunities for less crime and less incarceration … (by) rethinking how we approach public safety.” In addition to her work with the firm’s White Collar Criminal Defense team and The Tech Group, she is also the founding director of New York University School of Law’s Criminal Justice Innovation Lab, a project that employs data and technology to develop tools promoting a safer, fairer, and more efficient criminal justice system.