Washington, D.C. – Mark E. Schamel, partner, White Collar Criminal Defense, issued the following statement following the indictment of client Igor Danchenko:

 The special counsel’s use of a “speaking indictment” that presents a false narrative designed to humiliate and slander a renowned expert in business intelligence for political gain is contrary to decades of Department of Justice policy. 

Mr. Danchenko is a respected research analyst who uncovered and exposed Vladimir Putin’s plagiarized Ph.D. thesis and whose work has been recognized all over the world for its intellectual rigor and accuracy. Mr. Danchenko’s body of work, for the United States, is above reproach. 

For the past five years, those with an agenda have sought to expose Mr. Danchenko’s identity and tarnish his reputation while undermining U.S. National Security. From the moment he was inappropriately revealed, he has been the focus of unrelenting politically motivated attacks. 

This latest injustice will not stand. We will expose how Mr. Danchenko has been unfairly maligned by these false allegations.