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February 24, 2015  New Jersey Supreme Court Reinforces “Fairly Debatable” Standard to the Detriment of Policyholders
Insurance Coverage Alert, Eric Jesse

February 23, 2015  New Jersey Pushes Back Against Class Action Waivers and Arbitration Clauses
Class Action Client Alert, Gavin Rooney, Joseph Fischetti

February 18, 2015  New Jersey Supreme Court Decision Highlights Importance of Anti-Harassment Policies for Employers
Employment Client Alert, Amy Wiwi, Cristina Baragona

January 28, 2015  New Jersey Supreme Court Rejects Limitations Periods on Spill Act Contribution Claims
Environmental Client Alert, Richard Ricci, Sean Collier

January 22, 2015  Annual HSR Threshold Adjustments Announced By Federal Trade Commission
Antitrust and Mergers & Acquisitions Client Alert, Jack Sidorov, Jeffrey Blumenfeld, Jeffrey Shapiro, Hilla Shimshoni

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Articles & Books

February 23, 2015  Cyber Security and Insurance Coverage Protection: The Perfect Time for an Audit
FC&S Legal: The Insurance Coverage Law Information Center, Lynda Bennett

February 6, 2015  What Every General Counsel and Law Department Needs to Know About Employed Lawyers Coverage
Inside Counsel, Lynda Bennett

February 5, 2015  Reinsurance: What Every Policyholder Should Know
Westlaw Journal, Catherine Serafin

February 2015  Creditors Beware: Post-Petition Standby Letter of Credit Payments May Reduce New Value Defense
Business Credit, Bruce Nathan, Eric Chafetz

January 2015  A New Twist on the Contract Assumption Defense to Preference Claims
Business Credit, Bruce Nathan, David Banker

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