Probably not.  But this interesting analysis on the possibility of crypto asset mergers certainly allows for the possibility. We’ve covered blockchain and appraisal before, including the possibility of having shares put onto a blockchain, allowing for easier tracing, counting, voting, and other improvements over the current system of fungible bulk; but this is something different.  If one crypto asset (one blockchain community effectively) ‘merges’ with another, it could be a rule of the crypto asset to provide for appraisal rights – allowing dissenting crypto asset holders an ‘out’ of some kind (whether involving a court, a formula, or some other procedural or mechanistic system).

Thinking about new assets helps put in context that appraisal rights are a simply a procedural rule regarding ownership – while the most common and talked about use of appraisal rights is with respect to stock (and involving mergers), there are numerous other examples of appraisal rights in practice including with private companies, appraisal by contract, and – perhaps in the future – crypto assets.

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